Rental FAQs

What are the different ways to pay my rent?

While payment methods can vary from office to office - you will usually have a number of choices.

These can include electronic payments, direct debit, bank cheques or money orders. Cash payments are generally not accepted, as this can create a security risk. Tenants and landlords find automatic payments direct from the bank the most convenient.

You may wish to discuss your options with your LJ Hooker agent to determine the most convenient way for you to pay.

What should I do if I am temporarily unable to pay my rent?

It is essential for you to contact your property manager as soon as possible.

Ignoring the problem will not make it go away - and you may find that you are able to come to an understanding with the landlord if your inability to pay rent is only temporary.

Communication is essential in these circumstances and it is important for you to continue to keep the agent informed of your circumstances.

Failure to pay your rent in accordance with your tenancy agreement may result in a "Letter of Breach" being sent to you which can result in a termination of your tenancy through the Tenancy Tribunal if the breach is not remedied.

I would like to rent a property, but do not have a job. Will this make it hard for me to rent?

When you rent a property, the major requirement is that you are able to prove you can meet your rent payments and pay the initial bond - this is usually equivalent to four weeks' rent.

If you have a considerable amount of savings, this may not be an issue - although you may be at a disadvantage if you cannot show a source of income. If you are receiving assistance from another source - such as WINZ payments - you should provide verification of this.

In addition to the rent, what other costs are tenants expected to pay?

Any additional payments you may have to make will vary,  including a bond on the property. This is usually equivalent to three or four weeks rent, water usage and electricity supply.

It is also important to budget for the additional costs that can be associated with moving, such as connections and removal charges.

Your LJ Hooker agent can provide you with any additional information that applies to your particular circumstances.

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