Rental Issues

How do I arrange any repairs that might be needed?

You need to advise the property manager of all requests for maintenance or repairs, preferably in writing. Maintenance forms for this purpose are often provided when you first move into the property.

It is essential that you do not attempt to repair things yourself - you have a responsibility to advise the agent of maintenance matters that require attention. Your tenancy will include provisions for how you should handle repairs or maintenance requests.

What should I do if urgent or emergency repairs are needed at the property?

Generally, emergency repairs are required when the occupants' health and safety - or the property itself - is threatened.

You should immediately contact your agent and ensure you give them the opportunity to arrange for the emergency repairs, as long as they are completed in the most urgent and expedient manner possible.

If you cannot contact your agent, you may have been supplied with a list of tradespeople nominated to handle emergencies when you signed your tenancy.

If some of my possessions are destroyed in a fire at my rental property, will my landlord pay for them?

As the tenant, it is your responsibility to insure your own personal belongings - the owner is responsible for insuring the fixtures and fittings included in the property at the time of letting, as well as the premises.

If you do not have home contents insurance for your personal belongings, you may need to bear the cost of replacing your possessions.

Am I allowed to put up picture hooks?

Before you make any alternations or additions to your rental property - including picture hooks - you should contact the agent. It is wise to do this in writing, specifying exactly where you want the picture hooks to be placed.

Where can I find information about the rules and legislation that relate to renting?

Feel free to speak to your LJ Hooker property investment manager if you have any questions that specifically pertain to your property or go to the Department of Building and Housing website

Otherwise, you should be able to find most of the general information you need online from various local authorities. These will depend on the area/town where your rental property is located, but useful ports of call include your local council, as well as relevant consumer groups and government departments.

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